Orange dress shoot with Esmée

Today, april 27th, is Kindgsday, overhere in the Netherlands. King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday. And since the royal family name is called Oranje-Nassau, during national festivities and sports, the Dutch people use the color orange. So today is the ultimate day to post a news message about a very colourful shoot I had with Esmée.

Esmée brought a fantastic orange dress to the studio and we did have a nice shoot with it. The bright orange color combined with the grey dark background gives the images an extra pop. When you combine these aesthetic factors with a lovely model like Esmée, you get images like these.

Here are some of the results:

For these images I used a dark grey background. The key light was created by a studio strobe with a small octabox and a grid. A second strobe with a stripbox was used as a fill light. The vignette on the background was created by a third strobe with a gridded standard reflector.

Thank you Esmée for this great and colourful shoot. I had a great time.