Royal python shoot with Priscilla 2

I had a photo shoot again with Priscilla. I did the Sweet tattoo And Tough tattoo shoots with her in the past. This time Priscilla brought in a second model for a dual photoshoot. The model is called Nala. And Nala is a ball python aka a royal python. Ain’t she a beautiful creature? Combine that with a lovely model like Priscilla and you have all the ingredients for great results.

This photoshoot was a very cool experience. I have photographed models with animals before but I never worked with a snake. So it was kind of exiting how this was going to work out. It worked out fine. Nala was pretty easygoing during the shoot and we were able to get a lot of good captures. Nala did like the lights too though. And in the end the camera also.

And it helped a lot that both models Priscilla and Nala are used to each other. Although some time even among a close relationship one of the other can get to close:

Priscilla – Close to the eye

No harm happened to both of them though.

Here are some of the results of this shoot:

Thank you Pricilla and Nala for being so cooperative during the shoot. You both did a great job. And I had a fantastic experience.

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