Urbex shoot with Bianca and Sandra 1

In my news pages on this website I sometimes I wrote about getting out of my comfort zone. Well, up to now, that was nothing in comparison to this shoot. At least, that’s my humble opinion of course.

I did a shoot with models Bianca and Sandra. You can find more about their work on their instagram pages:

Bianca and Sandra asked me to do a shoot with them in an old and abandoned complex of a chapel and home for older people. That sounded like a cool challenge to me. And it sure was a challenge. The place was dilapidated totally and made a great environment for shooting portraits. We decided to do some gothic styles photographs in the chapel and some images with tough outfits im the home part of the complex.

A pretty big downside for this shoot were the weather conditions. We had a lot of rain and storm which didn’t make the shoot much easier. But in the end we got some great results. Despite the outside storms and holes in the walls and windows we were able to manage some to pull of some shots with smoke bombs. And we even had a fellow photographer shooting our action in that very peculiar location.

Here are some behind-the-scenes images:

All in all we had a very cool shoot in a very special location. Here are some of the results of this shoot:

In the chapel I used a studio strobe with a gridded small octabox as a key light. The effect lights for the smoke were created by two strobes with standard reflectors and grids.

Thank you Sandra and Bianca for your patience and perseverance during this extreme cold and wet shoot. It was a very interesting experience.

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  • Sandra Van der Kubbe

    Inspite of the weather conditions it was a great experience and the pictures were great. Thnk you Marco ?

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