Tunnel of love with Sandra 2

Yessss. Today is Valentines day. And because of that, I have something special to share with you today.

This week I had a fantastic as well as a surreal shooting experience. Because of Valentines Day, the pedestrian part of the Maastunnel  in Rotterdam was transformed into the Tunnel of love for one week. Artists duo Madje Vollaers and  Pascal Zwart filled this tunnel with no less then 35.000 heart shaped stickers and lighted the entire tunnel with black lights. What a cool idea. 

But when you combine a cool idea like the tunnel of love with a even greater idea of a very creative model, then you get awesome results. Sandra had the idea to go shooting in this Tunnel of love with a lovely white dress and angel wings. Ain’t that a fantastic plan? 

You can find more about Sandra’s work at her Instagram feed: @sandynl2017.

I’m glad that I did not wear that dress and wore my regular photographer outfit instead. I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures anymore. During the hour of our shoot I think Sandra has been asked to marry at least 10 times and the number of times people wanted to take here picture were countless.

It was a fun and nice experience. Here is a behind-the-scene image of me in action in that tunnel:

Tunnel of love – BTS

Here are some of the results of our shoot:

For this shoot I only used one studio strobe with a small octabox. I added a grid to the octabox to keep the light focussed in order to maintain the blacklight effect on the surroundings and just light Sandra. 

So thank you Sandra for giving me the honour to visualise your lovely idea. I had a great time during this shoot.  

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