Urban shoot with Bianca 2

In my Happy 2019 news page I wrote that for this year I would start working with plus size models as well. And the shoot I’m writing about now is the first result of that ‘New Years resolution’.

I did a shoot with plus size model Bianca. She has her own Instagram page. Check it out is you like to see more of her work: instagram.com/plussize_kitten_b

We decided to do a urban shoot together. So we went outside on a pretty cold day and visited several outdoor locations. Bianca used some cool outfits. During this shoot I shot both natural light images and images with flash.

Here are some of the results:

For the flash images I mainly used one strobe with either a strip box of a small octabox. For some images I used a second strobe with a standard reflector on it.

So thank you Bianca for being so flexible during the shoot. You did a fantastic job and I had a great time during the shoot.

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