Flower shoot with Kim

I had a cool shoot with Kim. We used some flowers as props and created a soft and moody atmosphere with them. We used a white and pink flower. I think they came out as the lovely serene series I had in mind.

This shoot was one of my first small steps into the future of creating images with Photoshop. For a while I have an image of someone with a large flower in mind. So one in of the images I gave Kim an enlarged flower. Not as big as it was in my mind but the aesthetics of the composition didn’t allow a bigger variant. And that’s a good thing because now we have something to work on for the future. I think the results came out pretty good.

Here are some of the results:

I used my moody studio strobe setup with a small octabox as a key light and a standard reflector with grid on the background.

Thank you Kim for being such a lovely model. You did a great job. We got some great results.