Christmas time with Kim

Christmas time is here again. This time I had quite a different shoot then my usual shoots with studio strobes. This time we used more lights. A lot more of them. But they were way smaller then my usually used studio strobes.

I had this shoot with Kim and her friend helped us out by assisting us. And that assistance was very welcome. We had a great time being creative by making backgrounds and taping christmas lights to light stands, soft boxes and even to the camera. All this hard work was worth it because the results came out very cool.

Here are some of the results:

Well, now something about the light. We used small christmas lights. Lots of them. And I somehow I was not completely honest in the part I wrote above because I did actually use one studio strobe. But it didn’t flash. So I was not that dishonest. I used the modelling light of a studio flash with an octabox to add a hint of light on Kim’s face. In order to match the color temperature of the modelling light and the christmas lights I added a 1/2 CTB gel to the octa box.

So thank you Kim for being such a cool and patient model. I had a a lot of fun during this shoot.