Silhouettes with Josan

A year or so ago I met a beautiful dark skinned lady with fantastic high bun of hair on her head. I started thinking about how I would photograph her. And the first thing that struck my mind was a graphical outline of her beautiful facial features and then with that cool hair on top of that. So I did ask her if she was willing to model for me. Unfortunately that didn’t work out and we never did that shoot. But the idea kept bubbling in my mind.

So recently I got the opportunity to do a shoot with Josan. She is another beautiful dark skinned lady who certainly is not inferior to the lady which triggered this idea in the first place.

The photo shoot with model Josan was a collaboration with fellow photographer Saskia that I have worked with earlier. Check out her website:

There was one big difference between Josan and the original lady I had in mind: the hair. Josan has straight hair instead of afro style curly hair. Which suits her lovely by the way. So the silhouette idea remained but then without the shape of the hair bun. And Josan’s hair had something else that also added to the composition: a ponytail which bathed in the back light very nice.

So here are some results of the shoot:


As far as lighting goes I used one studio strobe with  big rectangular softbox with an edge mask front. That created all the rim lights. So in essence the black part of the edge mask forms the background you see in these images. A few of the images were filled in from the front with a strobe with a small octabox at a very low power setting.

So thank you Josan for being such a pleasant company and a fantastic model. You did a great job.

We have done some more setups during this shoot with Josan. So keep watching the news page on my website as I will write about these other setups soon.