Smoke in the studio with Thalita

A while ago I got myself a smoke machine to use as an extra effect during photoshoots. And Thalita got herself a red dress. So why not combine both new goodies and have a cool shoot with them? In the first part of the shoot we matched the color of the backlights to Thalita’s red dress. Later on we changed the color to a complementary blue color. I think the smoke effect works very well for these images. It created a cool atmosphere.

Here are some of the results of the shoot:

During the shoot I of course used a smoke machine. In the back I used two studio strobes with standard reflectors with coloured gels. As the key light I used a strobe with a beauty dish. For a fill I used an extra strobe with a small octabox to fill in the shadows from below. So thank you Thalita for having this cool shoot together. I really enjoyed it.

And keep reading my upcoming posts. There will be more smokey stuff in the near future. And maybe I have something more with that great red dress too.