Shoot in Willemstad with Ruby

I recently did another shoot outside during the blazing summer. This time I had a shoot with Ruby. We actually had another plan for that day but due to some setbacks that plan didn’t work out. You know Murphy’s Law right? Well … here mr. Murphy came. Full on. So we came up with a plan B, well plan C actually, and diverted to a lovely town called Willemstad. We did the shoot in Willemstad around the waterfront area.

We worked out various motives. Partly between the trees. Some shots at the waterfront itself and we took some images around the city wall. We started pretty early in the morning and were forced to give up quickly because the sun started to heat up very fast. It was simply too hot to take more images. In the end I think we managed to get some decent shoots in that time period anyway.

Here are some of the results of our shoot:

Almost all images are shot with natural light. Because of the bright sunlight we had to use a diffuser. This time we used a kind of a summer umbrella which matched very well to Ruby and her outfit. Only the shot with the yellow shirt was used with a fill flash from a battery powered studio strobe with a small octabox light modifier.

I have done multiple shoots with Ruby and as always it was a great pleasure to work with her. So thank you Ruby for being so patient and flexible during our search to plan C.