Portfolio shoot with Dave

I have had a very nice studio shoot with Dave. He is a young male model who wants some images to add to his portfolio. Dave is a guy who is very passionate about his modeling career. Beside that he has a great personality and very easygoing.

We did do several looks and got some cool images. Here are some of the results:

We also had some fun with crazy and emotional faces. I have combined some of them in this triptych:

Dave – Emotions triptych

As for lighting, I used three studio strobes this time. One  as a main light with a 75 cm octabox. The second one is a gridded reflector to light the background. And the third had a strip box which I used to create the accent light on the left side of Dave’s face.

I had a great time during the shoot with Dave. He is very calm and professional and we had really relaxed pace in our workflow. Thank you Dave for being such a great model and good company.