Tough girl Jade

This week I had a very nice shoot with Jade. She is a tough girl who asked me to portray that character trait of her. And so we did. Of course.

But beside the toughness Jade asked me something else. She has a scar on her shoulder which has been caused by a terrible traffic accident she has been in. The worst  aspect of that accident is that the other driver was influenced by drugs and medication. And Jade asked me to make a portrait of her with that scar. Talking about a very tough girl. I am very impressed by her that she has the courage to do that. And I feel honoured that she asked me to do that for her.

Here are some images of our shoot:

As usual, I used studio strobes for this shoot. Mainly the 75 cm octa and a gridded reflector on the background. In my opinion that’s most of the time more than enough to establish nice images.

So thank you Jade for being such a enthusiastic and spontaneous model. I had a great time with you during the shoot.