New heroes at Fighters Against Cancer 1

This week I had the honour to make images of new team members of the Fighters Against Cancer team. Last year I shot their portraits for their personal pages on their website. And now some new heroes are added to the team which of course needed some pictures as well.

Check the Fighters Against Cancer out at their website:

And please make them a donation to help them fight the good cause because they will deliver a top performance again this year during the Roparun we they run all the way from Paris to Rotterdam. Last year I joined them during the Roparun 2017 as a photographer and I can tell you this a trough trip.

You can make them a donation at this page of the Roparun website:

Here are some of the images I made for them:

The images are a little bit different than the images of previous year because I changed brands of my flash system and I used three flash units this time instead of four. So I packed a little lighter this time.

So thank you girl and guys for being so easy going during the shoot.

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