A new life came to earth: Jens 1

The cause and effect principle is fairly simple: after maternity comes birth. Jenneke, from my previous maternity shoot, has become a mum for the second time now. And little Noël has got a baby brother. And this little miracle has been called Jens. Congratulations to you all mum, dad and Noël.

At the time of this photoshoot, Jens was only one week old. Speaking of my youngest model ever: Jens now definitely holds the record!

Here are a some results of the shoot:

I even created a nice collage with details Jens:

I used studio strobes during the shoot of Jens and Jenneke. One strobe with big soft box as a main light. The big soft box simulated a soft window light. And for the image with the white background I used two extra strobes.

It was a very comfortable shoot and Jens did a great job being a rookie model. He had a lot of patience and even showed us the good looks. Thank you Jens and Jenneke for the opportunity to be able to take pictures of such a precious moment.

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  • Theo Hamoen

    Marco, weer een erg mooie serie, met eigen signatuur!
    Vooral “Bunny bums” en “Before and after” zijn echte juweeltjes!!

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