Maternity shoot with Jenneke 2

I had a very nice shoot with Jenneke. She is already a mum of Noël, the cute fellow that I had a cake smash shoot with a while ago. Well, here is something new: Noël will get a baby brother or sister. And Jenneke asked me to do a maternity shoot with her and her family. Wel of course I did a photoshoot with them.

We did some shots with Jenneke alone and also with her husband and Noël. They al did a great job during the shoot and I think we have some very nice results.

I used a large light source as a main light in order to be able to cope with a fast moving Noël and the differences between lighting one up to three people. In that way I could react fast and take pictures while not being occupied changing the lights when a situation changed. And that worked very well. Beside the main light, I used two studio strobes to light the white wall.

We also did a cool backlit shot with a piece of transparent fabric which gave a great result.

Jenneke – Translucent fabric

Thank you guys for being such a cool group of people to shoot with. It went all very well. And Noël keeps up being a great photogenic model.

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