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This week I had a photoshoot with a fantastisch group of people: the Fighters Against Cancer. They are team number 132 at the Roparun relay race. In 50 days from the moment of writing of this post, they will run/cycle non-stop as a team from Paris to Rotterdam. 520 kilometers with no stopping in between. A hell of an achievement if you ask me. Prior to the run itself they spend a lot of their time in organising events to raise money. And of course they train a lot for the Roparun itself. And they do all of this to donate to the good cause of helping people with cancer.

Check them out at their website www.fightersagainstcancer.nl.

And above all: make them a donation to help them fighting to help people with this terrible disease. You can donate at their page on the Roparun website.

During the shoot I used a 4-light setup of studio strobes. Two strip lights at the back acted as main light with a pretty direct light at the front as the fill. In the back a gridded reflector created a bit of a halo on the background. This lighting setup in combination with my little lower perspective makes them look the way they are: heroes!

Thank you ladies and gents of the Fighters Against Cancer for a wonderful evening and the opportunity to make images of such a great group of people.

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